January 14, 2013

SHivering Icy Trail Run Results

Due to Life getting in the way, it has taken me a few days to get these out, but here they are... the Results from the SHITR!   Blog Post coming soon.
SHivering Icy Trail Run Results

Name Time Place
Jacob Vohsen 1:14 Short Course 6M
Rob Ragnet-Schofield 1:43 1st Male
Travis Redden 1:49 2nd Male
Aaron Fanetti 1:51 3rd Male
Jeff Sona 1:55
Colby Nulik 1:57
Emily Korsch 1:58 1st Female
Megan Killian 2:03 2nd Female
Chris Fulkerson 2:05
Brian Hey 2:05
Eric Buckley 2:08
Garrett Fulkerson 2:10
Jeremy Nulik 2:10
Joe Froehlic 2:12
Bill Stevens 2:12
Jeff Mittler 2:13
Jim Donahue 2:17
Doug Bristow 2:18
Drew West 2:20
Keith Timmins 2:20
Brigitte Stotter 2:20 3rd Female
Doug Havlin 2:20
Tim Burke 2:26
James Browning 2:28 Short Course
Luke Lamb 2:36
Carrie Sona 2:36
Patrick Albert 2:40
Robby Brown 2:43
Russ Darbon 2:44
Jim Smith 2:50 Short Course
Janie Smith 2:50 Short Course
Chuck Vohsen 2:53
Trevor James 2:53
Kate Geisen 2:54
Joe Buffa 2:55
Josh Kottemann 3:06
Wendy Davis 3:06
Matt Dube 3:20
Tori Hamill 3:20
TJ Pasieka 3:20
Chad Hannon 3:33
Bob Goldmember 3:33
Beth James 3:33
Christina Luebbert 3:50 Short Course 11.8
Kerri Fulkerson 3:55


  1. Tori, Matt, & Tracy Jo should get a mention for the longest run, we did 14.6 miles due to our inability to read basic trail signs:)

    1. Guess that would make you guys the Biggest SHITRs. :)

  2. I made some mistakes with the results, I have updated, sorry, the boys hand writting was hard to read.

  3. My 3:50 should read DNF, but I did the long course. I made it 11.9 miles and called Kate at 8:37 PM. If we started at 5:00, that is a scorching 18+ min/mile pace. Sad when the first two were 12 min/mile. I swear I nearly crawled on some of those slicker sections. And I ran the last half hour a lot slower because I couldn't see where I was going (no light). It was an epic adventure, but I hope to be in much better shape if I ever try it again. Thanks again for coming to my rescue.

  4. Chris did over 19 miles that night. He finished his 1/2 and came back out to run in with me. THANKS HUSBAND YOU ARE AWESOME!
    This was my 1st half and a trail run on top of it. I was doing 12/13 minute miles for the 1st 4 or 5 miles then the rain got so bad at points I had to walk because of the mud. The last 5 miles were horrible when the sleet started. I slipped and twisted my knee and ankle but I finished. There were points I couldn't see the trail for my breath getting in the light..It was an adventure!!

  5. Colby was in front of me by at least a minute. Speedy!!