January 12, 2015

2015 SHITR Results


I copied the 2015 SHITR results out of the 'official' finish line notebook this morning.  We ended up with 108 runners in the book, and spotted maybe a half-dozen bandits.  So we'll call total attendance 114 runners this year.  Which completely obliterates the two previous years attendance!  If you seen any missing results, misspelled names, or inaccurate times, let me (Chuck) know and I'll get them changed.  So check 'em out below:

Name Time
Kate Wilson 1:59:14
Beth Sanborn 2:03:45
Diana Markus 2:04:25
Meghan McCarrick 2:04:45
Krystal Giltner 2:15:50
Claire Reinbold 2:24:10
Angie Ryan 2:32:36
Ruth Hanebrink 2:34:28
Stephanie Bohannon 2:36:40
Megan Jennings 2:37:10
Lara Hauseman 2:39:00
Cheri Becker 2:44:10
Melanie Suess 2:44:30
Rachael Underhill 2:44:30
Donna Polinski 2:45:15
Karen Hatch 2:46:37
Jeanna Clark 2:47:10
Lo Matson 2:47:10
Laura Range 2:50:24
Melanie Bateman 2:51:00
Jan Shaller 2:51:44
Wendy Davis 2:55:20
Kate Geisin 2:58:58
Bev Ofsthun 2:59:40
Michelle Fitzgerald 3:13:30
Sue Ruffcorn 3:13:36
Tammy Hollenbeck 3:25:10
Jenny Byron sc 
Zoe Byron sc 
Sophie Byron sc 
Amanda Lappe sc 2:02:10
Jenny Turpin

Men Time
Aaron Fanetti 1:39:02
Mike Barro 1:41:08
Edmund Paspal 1:42:08
Eric Buckley 1:43:37
Dave Otto 1:45:08
Craig Maxwell 1:46:08
Matt Hullieng 1:46:40
Rich Luers 1:53:18
Jeff Mittler 1:55:04
John Pollihan 1:55:37
Niels Boogert 1:55:56
James Baca 1:56:10
Brian Rodenbeck 1:57:40
Matt Kessler 1:58:06
Justin Davies 1:59:49
Jemal Swoboda 2:01:01
Thad Close 2:01:03
Keith Timmins 2:01:20
Neil Dickhaus 2:02:26
Bill Stevens 2:03:59
Joe Buffa 2:05:00
Nathan Graves 2:05:13
Jeremy Nulik 2:07
Denzil Jennings 2:09:23
Dave Pitts 2:09:58
Miso Orescaniw 2:12:10
Colby Nulik 2:13:40
Jeff Schleicher 2:15:58
Mathew Porter 2:19:35
Doug Havlin 2:20:50
Russ Darbon 2:20:52
Rusty Darbin 2:26:40
Jason Kulma 2:26:42
George Phillips 2:28:10
Manoj C Sood 2:28:23
Cary Obrien 2:28:23
Jeff Ryan 2:32:37
Scott Shaw 2:34:29
David Walch 2:36:30
Mike Gallagher 2:38:39
Peat Henry 2:38:39
Jon Amendola 2:39:10
Chris Frank 2:39:10
Doug Bristow 2:44:12
Aaron Byron 2:46:15
Matt Dunn 2:46:37
Tim Holland 2:47:10
Jeff Geear 2:47:30
Jody Dwiggins 2:48:20
Wayne Litwiller 2:50:29
Kevin Minta 2:51:54
Timothy Robnett 2:57:00
Aaron Lackman 2:59:00
Ben Neal 2:59:40
Erik Meyer 2:59:46
Bill Patterson 3:02:10
David Gibson 3:06:36
Terry Raterman 3:13:15
Tim Brown 3:13:15
Peter Green 3:14:15
Jim Davis 3:21:36
Jim Woodson 3:21:37
David Beattie sc 2:02:09
David Hollenbeck
Jim Donahue
Mike Braun
Jeremy Jamerson
Brian Hey
Justin Kirk
Shaun Schnettgoecke
Steve Pollihan
Nick Ventizlr
Brad Houseman
Steven Willi
Jim Haggartt
Steven Faron
Ray Turpin

January 6, 2015

2015 Pre-SHITR Notes

Looks like we will have perfect weather Saturday!  20% chance of snow and a low of 21 degrees.  The trail and creeks should be frozen solid.  We also have a record number of runners ‘going’ on FB - 120!

There will be a sign up notebook with a volunteer or two to record everyone’s name so we can attempt to keep time and count how many runners this year.  (FWIW, if you are really into timing or pacing better plan to keep time yourself).  The sign up table will also have some sponsor donated stuff.   Grab one of everything until it’s gone.   Then stop by the MOVAL Search and Rescue table to get their contact info.

The run is free of course, but don’t forget about the donation buckets for the St Louis Allergy and Asthma (100+ Project) and the MOVAL Search and Rescue team.  If you are so inclined to donate, get them before the start, they will probably be put away by the finish.

Robin will do some last minute pre-run announcements at 4:45, and a couple of attendance prizes will be tossed out.   Hopefully we’ll get everyone started right at 5:00.  The daylight is gone by about 5:15 so plan to bring a GOOD headlamp!  
2014 Mystery Event

Because it was so much fun to watch last year, there is another premium for the first guy and first girl to the top of the mound.  A volunteer will be on top to give you a ticket to turn in at the finish line for a $75 Gift Certificate to Mountain Khakis!

After the mound, head south on the Hamburg, turn right down the big hill into the Lost Valley trail.  The course will go clockwise and exit up the same climb to Hamburg again.  We will mark it Saturday morning with reflective tape and flagging.  But don’t count on it entirely though, sometimes this stuff can go missing in a short time.

We have another creepy, old, abandoned, and overgrown graveyard for the optional mystery event this year.  It is located further off the trail than the two previous years, but is still relatively easy to find.  You will turn left off the trail about ¼ mile into the second section of singletrack.  Right after this rock:

This will be easy to find in the dark, covered in snow...

Fifty paces south of the Lost Valley trail is a well-used deer trail, follow the deer trail 100 paces southwest to the graveyard .  Adventure racers will have no trouble with this, but for any direction challenged runners – If you get more than 150 paces off Lost Valley trail, you went the wrong way!
You will be looking for a chest-high gravestone with a carved open book on top and carved open gates on the front.  Bring the name on this tombstone back to the finish line to receive your custom SHITR finisher prizes!

Look around a little while you are there.  One of the biggest cedar trees you will ever see in MO is in the SE corner, and the carved stone headstones can tell some stories.  Two tragic burials only eight days apart in 1876 were very young children from the same family.  Also be sure to look at the peculiarly positioned headstone of Catherine; it faces south, not east, the traditional headstone direction.  I wonder what she did to deserve that?

So … get back on the LV trail, and finish the clockwise run, then up entrance hill to the Hamburg.  Follow Hamburg back to the mound to bask in the adoration of the cheering masses.  You can skip the run up the stairs on the way back and just come straight in to pick up the finisher prizes!   (You did remember the name, right?)

P.S:  If anyone needs help or instructions to apply the SHITR decals find my beautiful and talented wife (Lori), she is a pro at making and applying these things.

P.S.S:   After the run drive to El Azteca to trade stories and eat burritos with all your new trail running friends!  Remember to ‘like’ the FB post for Mexican food so we can get a good count to the owner ASAP! 

P.S.S.S :  And just think on this over the next couple of days and weeks …. If just 8 or 10 of our 120 runners each create a free local trail run, ride, or paddle, we can fill our calendars with an entire year of awesome free events!  It’s easier than you think, and way more fun than you imagine.  Get out there and make more SHITR’s to share!