May 23, 2014

Spring Gravel

It’s been some time since there’s been a blog update.  Robin and I have been sidelined with injuries early in the year but have made progress and are getting our workouts back on track.  She is immersed in the middle of working another Ironman training plan for Lake Placid on July 27th.  I’ll tell you right now - She’s just going to kill that course.

And I’ve been trying to get as many gravel bike miles as possible to prepare for a second Dirty Kanza 200 finish.  It sure would be great to get a repeat like last year’s DFL.

But the big gravel training miles are not coming as plentifully as they did last year.  Family commitments, injury, and terrible weather have sidelined a lot of my plans.  I can only hope what I have will be enough out there in the dark and windy Flint Hills.  

A couple of spring gravel races and the weekly TNT rides have made the miles I am getting damn fun. The Thursday Night Thunder rides have been happening regularly since the beginning of January.  We have a good core group that make almost every week, then several others who show up when their schedules allow.  TNT has made mid-week rides something to totally look forward too!  And they are always followed up by hanging out in the parking lot and working on the Missouri Beer Quest.
TNT ride before sunset

TNT night ride on a frozen Busch Wildlife road

The two spring gravel races were the Cedar Cross and the Hairy Hundred.  

Bridge over Cedar Creek

Finishing a section of single-track at Cedar Cross

Somewhere on Cedar Cross

Working a pace-line at Hairy Hundred with Kate up front pulling and Bob waving Hello from behind

Both of them were outstanding events.  In fact, I’m willing to now say that Cedar Cross is my favorite bike race of the year.  Between the single-track, cool people, and totally chill attitude, it’s a must-do for next year again.
Then one bikepacking trip to round out the spring training and I notice Kanza is only 7 days away!
Top secret riverfront bike-pack location - camp all set up