January 2, 2013

Come Run With Us - Details

Plans for the SHIvering Icy Trail Run have been coming along nicely, which is good, because it’s coming up soon!  So here are some more details:

Date is January 12th, and our start time is 5pm.  The start/finish will be at the Mound parking lot.  We have to go off on time, so it would be good to come a little early.  There will be an amazing $68,000 Schwag package tossed around and Robin will make some announcements about the course and the mystery event. 
We have gotten a lot of help organizing and promoting the SHITR from the 100+ Project .  Please consider dropping a donation in the 100+ bucket at the start line to help the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

 Course Description

In true adventure race fashion we will start by running uphill.  With one out-n-back to the top of the mound (the highest point in St Charles County).   The mound is closed after dark, so we only get the one trip to the top and it has to be at the start.  Bonus Cool Points to anyone that slides back down on the handrails.  I am sure SuperKate could be talked into making some side bets on it before the race!

We’ll then continue down the Hamburg Trail before turning right onto the steep gravel hill dropping onto the Lost Valley trail.  Take the first left turn possible and do the loop in a clockwise direction, then back up the gravel hill to the Hamburg and the finish. 

GORC has a great overview of the trail and the area here:  http://www.gorctrails.com/trails/mlostvalley.asp

And here is a Garmin track I made of the course.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/253849989

There will be a sign-in sheet where we are asking everyone to put in their name before the start, and their finish time when they complete the loop.  If you don’t care about time, just write Finish, Left Early, or You Suck.  This way we know if anyone is left laying out on the trail with a broken leg, so please don’t leave without putting something on there. 
We will try to get some reflective tape out on the course ahead of time, but don’t count on it.  It’s an unsupported adventure for experienced trail runners, not a pre-planned summertime 5K in the city park.  

Mystery Event
If there is a mystery event, it will be part of the run.  You might be asked to solve a puzzle or find a specific piece of information to bring back to the finish line - thus claiming your share of the custom-made unique prize identifying you as a SHITR finisher.  The bit of information will only be found / deciphered by visiting an exact location which you will not be told.  (The smart guys will check our previous “Come Run with Us” post for the mystery event clue.)


  1. Going to be awesome! I'm hoping for lots of snow.

    1. Clearly you grew up on the Tug Hill Plateau.

  2. I don't know Chuck, or his sense of humor, so don't laugh when I ask if there is any truth to "There will be an amazing $68,000 Schwag package"?...and if so, what's the registration fee?

    I had assumed this was just a bunch of nutty people like myself gathering to run together for free in the cold and dark with not much more to it. Am I wrong?

    1. No entry fee, but a small donation to the 100+Project to benefit the Asthma and Allergy Fountaion St Louis chapter would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what the Schwag package is but I have a good idea of what it might be and you don't want it.

    2. You're probably wrong, but not about the race. :D