August 20, 2010

Urban Assault - St Louis 2010

Rock Racing set out for a day of fun and won a prize while they were at it. This is so crazy that words just can’t describe it, so I am going to make this a photo blog to cover Robin and Chuck, also known as, ROCK Racing, competing in the Urban Assault Race in St Louis.

The Metro Tri Club Teammates before the race start

Hanging out with one of the best teams in the country (Alpine Shop), who also happens to be the nicest team in the country!

The Crazies


The Starting Line

Motoring around the course

On our way to the park to figure out the mystery clue

Racing against the competition

A tough puzzle to crack

Who knew we could body bowl so well

Run Run as Fast as You Can

One last thing to do!

Come on let’s get across the finish line

Time to cool off

Time to check out the results

Winning – Priceless

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