August 17, 2010

Training Day

ROCK Racing is always looking for opportunities to learn new racing skills and improve on the ones we have. There have been several local races where a crossing of Keifer Creek in Castlewood State Park was required. So we would pre-ride this section a few days before the race getting the best and fastest technique we could come up with honed to perfection. We always got it done, but it never seemed smooth and fast or graceful.

When we were invited to a mtn bike seminar given by local rider Ben Franke, we were interested. He is a legend in the area. When he told us about his new technique for Keifer creek we just had to be there.

We met the group on the south bank of the creek at the appointed time and prepared ourselves to be amazed. Ben made the run …..and …. the smooth, grace, speed, power, timing, handling, balance and technique were, ummmm, awe inspiring. Too bad the injuries prevented a second demonstration:

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  1. That's why I didn't try it although I think I could have made it.