August 11, 2012

Gravel Bike Build - Part 1

            - There are several good gravel road races coming up that I want to be at.
            - And there are so many gravel road options for riding just north of my house.
            - And the KATY and Hamburg trails are pretty close too.
            - And nobody can have just two bikes.

This is all the justification required to want a Gravel / Adventure bike.  I decided that I wasn't going to buy any more new bikes a couple of years ago.  They are way too much fun to build.  I built a Specialized Roubaix for the road, and Jacob's Niner MTB.  They both came out perfect.  I started trolling craigs list, bike forums, and Ebay a few weeks ago watching for the deal that I knew would come.  I was going to be flexible for either a rigid 29er or a CX frame as long as I could get the right size and a good deal, but it would have to be disc brake compatible.  I didn't want to mess with caliper brakes or V brakes.
So last week I finally found one and scored a great deal on Ebay.  It is a Made in USA 2003 Cannondale R1000 Cyclocross frame.

56cm CAAD7 6061 T6 aluminum with disc brake tabs
Wide aluminum fork with disc brake tabs
68 mm English bottom bracket
1 1/8 inch headset  (frame came with a Campy Record headset)
27.2mm seatpost
130mm front axle spacing
135mm rear axle spacing

The frame has a scrape on the drive side chain stay where some previous chain suck dug in.  Not deep, not structural, and will never be a problem.  I think this bit of damage may have scared a lot of the other bidders away.  Their loss, my gain!

My plans for this bike are:
1x10 drivetrain using the best parts I can scrounge.
Road shifters
Drop bars
Comfy saddle
Clipless pedals
700c wheels with discs
Biggest Schwalbe tires I can squeeze into the frame rails

And here are the brake mounts on the fork and frame:

Now that I've got it clamped up in my work stand I can start building.  C

Gravel Bike Build - Part 2


  1. will be interesting to see this project take shape chuck.

  2. Jealous! Of your new bike AND your bike-building skills. Very cool. :)