February 12, 2010

Training notes 2/7/10

I read about compression sleeves and socks and really wanted to try them out, but I was skeptical about all the claims they made. I especially didn’t understand the theory behind the sleeves, if the compression squeezes blood up the leg, why not down into the foot? It seemed to me the only way to go was with a full sock. When ROCK Racing got the Recovery Sock sponsorship I was determined to give them a thorough testing. My first trial was putting them on for recovery after a couple of runs. Each time the compression felt great and I believe that they helped me recover nicely for the next day’s workout. For the second trial I wore them on an 8 mile road run. I do the same run every Tuesday and Thursday, it’s on pavement, but has some decent size hills that make it worthwhile. Well, the socks felt great for the entire run. At the turnaround point (about halfway) I checked my watch and seen that I had a really good time going, so I told myself to keep pushing and maybe I’d get close to my previous best time. Checking my watch again at the finish, I found out that I had beaten it by almost 2 minutes. Are the socks that good? I dunno, but its time to try them on the trail.

ROCK Racing got together for a trail run this morning, 23 degrees and about 4 inches of snow on the trail. This was my first off-road run in the Recovery Socks. The 13 mile loop took some extra time from battling our way through the snow and frozen ruts. But at the end of it all my feet did not have the expected hotspots I usually have after a run of that length. I’m thinking the compression material holds the sock so tight to my feet any rubbing is impossible. That’s a great unexpected benefit! So here it is the afternoon after the long run, and I feel fully recovered and ready to run again. My initial skepticism was unwarranted; I’m going to be wearing these socks over and over again.

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