February 5, 2010

A Tale of Two Socks: Recovery Socks

Teammate Patrick Albert supplied the following sock review:
For sometime now I have experienced a problem with tight calves. I stretch but not as often and as thoroughly as I should, which is probably a trait I share with many runners. After trying a couple of different products that sort of worked I was excited when Rock Racing got a new sponsor, Recovery Sock. Chuck informed me that they were going to send us 4 pair to try out, 2 pair of recovery socks, and 2 pair of running socks. Awesome!

I met Robin for a 2 hour trail run and she was running in her recovery socks (for her review click here). I looked in the package and my first impression was that these are some pretty cool looking socks. But this ain't no fashion show, they have to perform. Initially I was concerned about the running socks because I am very particular regarding my socks. I was relieved when I actually had hands on. Thin socks are not my cup of tea, the thickness of these running socks was comparable to my normal socks.

We had a great run and when I got home I decided that I was recovering so it was as good a time as any to try out the recovery socks. I pulled them out of the package and thought they looked to small to go on my foot. After some rolling and tugging I got them on, and found them to be snug enough for me to know they were there but I didn't feel like they were too tight. Normally after long runs my calves stay pretty tight, and my family likes to make fun of the way I walk. Wearing these socks I noticed a significant improvement. The socks aren't magic but so far they have worked pretty well. After wearing them all day long my calves definitely felt less tight.

The running socks have performed really well for me. I have had the opportunity to wear them on a few different occasions now and have found them to be very comfortable. They provide the cushion that I like without being too heavy or hot. The true test of the running socks will be this weekends back to back long runs.

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