November 4, 2014

Thunder Rolls 24 hr - 2014 Edition

For the 2014 edition of Thunder Rolls adventure race Robin and I had planned on getting back together after being healed of all the injuries that plagued us this year.  Fate, however, had different plans for us.  Robin had pre-scheduled and unavoidable Mom duties for the weekend, so she had to opt out this year.  Bummer.  The Thunder Rolls 24hr is one of our favorite races.  But luckily a three person team was quickly assembled with Keith Timmins, SuperKate and Me!  

Also, lucky for me (And you!) SuperKate is an outstanding race report writer.  So instead of struggling to read through another one of my reports, you can look at a couple of my favorite pictures from the race, then click to read Kate’s awesome report here!
Keith leading the way up a very overgrown reentrant.  Of course he's smiling, cause we're adventure racing!
Kate modeling a great collection of beggar-lice.  Of course she's smiling, cause we're adventure racing!
Paddling during a very lightning-charged thunderstorm.  Of course I'm smiling, cause we're adventure racing!

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