February 14, 2014

My Isolated Kingdom

I'm guessing most of you have met or seen Rock Racing's youngest teammate Jacob Vohsen.  (aka The Reckless Teenage Mutant.)
2013 Broemelsiek Trail Run

Jacob was recently assigned an essay to write for his American Literature class.  I read it and totally got his message and even knew which trail he had in mind when he was writing it.  I'm sure my judgement is biased, like any parent would be, but I thought his essay was freakin awesome and I immediately wanted to post it.  

The assignment:  Describe a place and environment where you’re perfectly content, what do you experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?

Lewis and Clark Overlook

My Isolated Kingdom
            A thick layer of fog rolls over the earth. The leaves of dying trees, with shades of red and orange cover the ground. The air is cool, pure, and perfectly refreshing. Through the dense vegetation a thin, clear path stretches. The land contains only one person, myself. This trail is how I remain free, without it I would have no other way to break away from society’s grasp.
            There are animals scattered across the landscape, but few venture near the trail. However, some are brave enough to stand watch for any sign of intrusion. On the typical weekday morning there is generally nothing to see. Then when the weekend comes, a being, strange to them, scurries down the pathway.
            As I sprint, raging past, no attention is paid to the forest creatures. They sit by, curious but intimidated, for when I become close they disappear back into the woods. Only when mindful of the fact that I’m entirely alone, I set myself free. Ripping around every corner, pushing out all of the frustration that is viciously beaten into my mind by society. With every mile I complete the sun begins to shine more through the fog.
            As I reach my car, the trail has come to an end. I am left feeling completely renewed. The fog has lifted, the sun has risen, and the cool air became warm. It has turned into a truly beautiful afternoon, I soon gave into the temptation. Pausing for a moment, I stand still and attempt to take in the land all at once. This magnificent place, has more meaning to me than most could understand. It is here, where I can find myself, and be perfectly content down to my core.

Lewis and Clark Trail