December 23, 2013

2014 SHITR Mystery Event

I'm convinced that everyone likes visiting creepy deserted graveyards after dark. The 2013 SHITR runners will all remember finding a specific tombstone for the mystery event. Soooo, like last year, this photo may or may not be a clue to the 2014 SHITR mystery event....if there is one.

This stone was actually my second choice.  I had wanted to use an adjacent stone belonging to a civil war confederate army doctor from Tennessee.  But his stone is almost flat on the ground, and I had to brush away leaves to read it even on this sunny morning.  If there is snow or more leaves covering it by Jan. 11 it would be almost impossible to find in the dark, so it's the tall one instead.

The graveyard location for this year means it will be possible to visit before dark or after dark. Of course all of us at ROCK Racing recommend the 'after dark' visit.

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