November 9, 2013

My NADS: An Epic Tale

So you probably remember that way back in October Chuck came up with the idea that there should be a nationally recognized day for adventure.  We thought it was a great idea and so did a lot of other people.  We created a facebook page for people to like and it started to generate  some interest.
Chuck, Robin, Lori and Mark decided they would set out to ride the Triple Crown.  An epic MTB route not to be taken lightly.  You can read about their ride here.

While the Triple Crown seemed like an awesome adventure, I had been thinking about a multi-day adventure for a while and needed an excuse to pull the trigger.  I wanted to do something multi-sport as well.  The original idea was to ride my bike to Jefferson City along the KATY trail, and then paddle back to St Charles.  My friend Cheri had recently purchased a kayak, so I asked if she wanted to paddle with me from Jeff city to Hermann.  She agreed and everything was set!

I am finally finished with the Epic Tale of my NADS, you can read about it at the links below.

Four installments might be a bit indulgent, but I had a lot to say.

I hope you enjoy reading about my NADS!

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