October 14, 2013

National Adventure Day 2013

Mark, Chuck, Robin, Lori
 October 12-13 was National Adventure weekend.  To honor such a great weekend we decided to attempt the Triple Crown of Mountain Biking.  

What is the Triple Crown you ask, well it’s just like in horse racing, it’s 3 different tracks, but unlike horse racing, you do all three in one day. 

We started and finished the ride at the Weldon Springs Mound, took the Hamburg and Katy trail to Klondike, while there did the Hogsback loop, rode to Matson Hill, yes that means we had to ride the 2 mile uphill to get to the park, rode all of the Matson trails, then rode to Lost Valley and got to ride all the new single track there.  When we made it back up the hill to the Hamburg trail, we rode back to the mound.  

Here is a short video I shot while at Matson Hill.

Below are some pictures we took during the Epic event, and no one even got hurt, there was a bit of blood and lots of dirt, so all in all, it was a great day.
Beautiful Cliff Face
Hanging out by the river
Just finished riding Matson Hill

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