November 15, 2012

Come Run with Us!

Team Virtus – CAC and Cedar Cross
100+ Project - 12 hr Trail Run and Cycle 100
Metro Tri Club – Creek Run

See that list above?  All of the cool guys have been organizing fun grassroots events over the past year.  ROCK Racing has been participating and loving the good times.  Now it’s time for ROCK Racing to make a contribution of their own!

One of our favorite trails is Lost Valley in Weldon Spring, MO.  Great single track, great parking, hills, fast-flowy sections, techy sections, and open after dark.  It is the perfect place for what we have planned. 
Come join us for a 13.1m trail run on some of the best singletrack in the area. 
What could make a trail ½ marathon fun you ask?

Let’s do it in the dark.

In January.

An event of this magnitude has to have a great name:

The Lost Valley SHivering Icy Trail Run

Reserve the date on your calendar now 1/12/13.  5pm start time.
(More details coming soon  - Did I mention this was free!) 

This picture might or might not be a clue to the mystery event....if there is one.


  1. Ditto that for me! I'll be there.

  2. I "totally" want in...but I'm in poor shape for running all 13.1.


    what does unsupported mean?

    1. Don't worry about being fast. I'm really hoping we get a couple of hikers to participate too.

      Unsupported means no chip timing, no manned water stops, basically you are on your own. Bring what you will need to complete the distance, and survive the elements.

    2. AWesome...count me (and my pal Heather in)...we'll be your adventourous hikers for the night!!

  3. I've put it on my calendar, and I'll do what I can to get there. Sounds like a great reason for a weekend with my wife in the 'Lou.

    -Chad Hannon

  4. a perfect tune-up run for my 29(mile)r on the 27th!! can't wait!

  5. Yeah the timing is perfect, but I'm thinking I will only been in for one lap of your 29er :)

  6. Count the two of us from Tardy Rooster. We will be making the trip to the south.
    Dave and Leisha Huntley

  7. I'm in - this will be my first time at Lost Valley ao why not do it in the dark!

  8. Do we need to sign up, or just show up? Thanks for doing this!!

  9. This sounds awesome! I am going to try and make this run!

  10. My friend Kelly & I are in. The secret event is an afterparty in the dark in a graveyard? Thats my guess by the tombstone picture. Creepy! Give us more clues (:

  11. Well, IF we were to assume that there is a mystery event, it would be part of the run. And completion would be required to be considered a finisher. Nobody wants to be an unfinished SHITR.

  12. I'm in - ran Lost Valley this afternoon. Are we going to run it clockwise? (The trail is marked best in the clockwise direction). Also GROC is going to open a new section of singletrack after their 1st of Dec workday, so you might want to check this out for part of the course.

  13. Yes - Clockwise. Got my fingers crossed for the new singletrack to be completed in time. I was at the first trail build day on the new section, but can't make it to the Dec 1st date.