June 6, 2012

Yurbuds Review

I have been a runner for over 30 years, a triathlete for 12 years and an adventure racer for 5 years. To be good at any of these events you need determination, perseverance, a work ethic like no other, time, lots of time, and most of all, focus. Long workouts are taxing on my physical being, they beat down my body and eat away at my mental capacity. I many times need help focusing on the finish line. Training groups and other like minded friends help, but because of time limitations I am frequently alone, on my own, to struggle though the mental turmoil of training solo.


Music is my drug of choice for those long lonely workouts, but I always struggled with the technology available to allow me to pipe that music through my head. I tried earbuds of every type, but was never able to find a pair that would stay in my ears. If I found a pair that would partially stay in, I would have to turn the volume up so loud to drown out the wind that I felt like my head was pounding by the end of the workout. I once found a pair that would stay in my ears, but my sweat shorted them out. I even sometimes ended up with chaffed ears from constantly pushing the earbuds back in or the cord rubbing against my ear. I had all but given up, when at last I found something that worked and worked well, Yurbuds I had heard a lot about them at the Cyclery, my local bike shop, and also on the adventure race circuit. Apparently the inventor of Yurbuds is an adventure racer and has graciously donated product to adventure race groups for prizes. Unfortunately for me, when my teammate Chuck and I would place in the money at a race, by the time we had a chance to choose our prize the Yurbuds had all been taken. I had done research on the product and was just waiting for the right time to buy, when a friend gifted me with a pair of Inspire Yurbuds, (Thanks to the Darbon Clan)


So after testing these Yurbuds extensively, meaning I’m in the middle of Ironman training and spending many hours running, and cycling alone, so I have had them in my ears more often than not, I have come to my own conclusions about this product.


They haven’t shorted out even with the very large amounts of sweat the rolls off my head and right into my ears. The twist lock system works well once you figure it out. I am somewhat challenged when it comes to following instructions, so for people like me, it might take a couple attempts to get it right. Because of the design the cords are held away from your ear and don’t rub your earlobe raw. The sound quality is good and I don’t need to turn them up to a level that would burst my eardrums to hear the music. Most of all, when I’m at the point that my body is screaming “NO” , the music flowing through my head helps me to focus and push on just a little bit further.


Like I said I’m a little challenged when it comes to reading and following instructions. I had to actually go to the Yurbuds website and watch the video, to figure out how to lock them in place.



They don’t come in my signature green color, I mean come on, I need ROCK Racing green or Godzilla Green in all my workout gear.


Buy these if you need to focus and don’t have the patience to continually fight to keep your earbuds in your ears, I know you will love them. I think they are a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it, especially when my training plan continues getting longer as the Ironman nears. I will continue to use these for workouts even after the Ironman because I have come to count on them. Oh, and of course they come in handy when mowing the lawn too.


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  1. I like mine I agree with all you said, glad you are enjoying yours...Russ