February 8, 2011

Camelbak Repair

I'm sure you've heard me complaining about packs before.  Why can't someone make a pack the way I want them too?  I've tried several now, and still haven't found the perfect one.  Even considering the several things I ended up not liking about my current Camelbak pack, one thing was always good: the bladder.  This Fall that all changed when the hook on the top of the bladder broke during the National Championship race in Utah leaving the bladder scrunched up in the bottom of my pack, still usable, but far from ideal.

Last week I finally got around to writing a letter to Camelbak to ask them if their Lifetime Warranty was for real.  I included the picture above to show them what had happened.  They replied that the hooks are not supposed to fail like that and they would send me a new one right away.  The new hook arrived today.  It did not include any instructions, but changing the part out was so simple, none were needed.  I simply had to poke in the retainer on the top and turn the hook assy about 10 degrees and it popped right off.  No tools required.
I noticed right away that the new hook was huge.  The new one has to be double the size of the old hook.  And it had been made even stronger by adding a thick plastic lip around the entire periphery.  I'm guessing no more hook failures for this bladder!  Obviously Camelbak has been improving their products along the way, not just living with their original design.

The new hook is now installed and ready for some extended testing at the LBL 24hr Adventure Race in April.  Thanks for the great customer service Camelbak!

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  1. Nice to hear about the good customer service. Sounds like it was pretty quick, too.