November 24, 2009

Whats in a name?

A lot of people seem to be confusing us with a team that shares our name, especially after seeing us ride (Ha! I wish!). Let’s straighten it out right here, right now… ROCK Racing is not the professional cycling team seen in the Tour of California and TDF. Gotta hand it to them though, that other Rock Racing team has the coolest jerseys, and we really like the ‘Never Give Up, Never Surrender’ motto on their website:

This (aka THE) ROCK Racing team is a two-person coed adventure racing team competing in the Midwest (MO, IL, KY and CO). Events include adventure racing, mtn bike racing, trail runs, off-road triathlon and duathlon. Team members are: Chuck Vohsen and Robin Rongey.

The ROCK Racing name came about shortly after our first race which was entered under the name: ‘THE GIRL and some guy’. We wanted a new name and ended up simply using letters out of our first names: RObin chuCK = ROCK. Bet the other guys can’t make a claim like that.

In the end, the best way to tell our teams apart is not by the name but by the race venue:

Miles of asphalt, a million screaming fans: That other Rock Racing

Dirt, mud, wilderness, no one in sight: THE ROCK Racing

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