October 7, 2013

Come Run with Us (Again)!

The inaugural SHivering Icy Trail Run was so memorable that all of us at ROCK Racing have been asked dozens of times over the summer if we would be organizing the SHITR II.  We told everyone that asked “Yes”!
Now it’s time to make good on those promises.  The SHITR II will go off on January 11, 2014 at 5pm, starting from The Mound.

Once again we will run our favorite trail - Lost Valley in Weldon Spring, MO.  Great single track, great parking, hills, fast-flowy sections, techy sections, and open after dark.  It is the perfect place for what we have planned.  And this year a section of the gravel double track has been replaced by more of the rocky singletrack we all love.

Come join us for a 13.1m trail run on some of the best singletrack in the area.
What could make a trail ½ marathon fun you ask?

Let’s do it in the dark.

In January.

Reserve the date on your calendar now 1/11/14.  5pm start time.
(Actually read these race reports from last year, if you still want to run then put it on your calendar!)

Truthfully though it was awesome, awesome in a way that only the people sitting around those tables at the Mexican restaurant could understand.  We had all endured something together and even though I didn’t actually talk to every single person who was there I still feel a bond with everyone of them, and that is something you can’t get from a road race.
If you missed out on the race this year then you should totally feel jealous, and if you see someone trying to merge in traffic with a SHITR decal in their window you should give them room and allow them to move because they are badass and deserve your respect.  Next year the SHITR will be even better!  Don’t miss it. - (Patrick Albert, Adventurer)

And once again…This picture might or might not be a clue to the mystery event....if there is one.

(More details coming soon on the Facebook event page – like the sticker logo contest) 


  1. http://climbingthosehills.blogspot.com/2013/01/shitr-131-12-race-report.html - though I hope it doesn't scare people away. I had an awful personal experience that had nothing to do with this awesome event and everything to do with being ill prepared for the distance and the dreadful weather.

  2. I didn't know you had written a blog report from the race! I just read it, its really great! I added you to my list.

    1. Hey Chuck, I ran into you today at the L&C trail. I couldn't find you on facebook but I guess this will work. My buddy Matt and I would love to join you and your band of "crazies" for a fun night of trail running! See ya then and hoping for some thundersnow!!

  3. Bring it on 1/11/2014! COOLest Race ever.

  4. Bring on the shittasticness!