October 15, 2013

Who the Hell is Patrick Albert?

Hey there, ROCK Racing Readers!
My name is Patrick Albert and I have been a member of ROCK Racing for a while now.  I asked Chuck and Robin if it would be cool to write an occasional post, and they said yes.  So here goes nothing!
  Some of you know me, and have seen me at a few races, and have been on some adventures with me but for those of that are wondering "Who the hell is Patrick Albert?" allow me to introduce my self.
What seems like a hundred years ago Chuck and Robin needed a third wheel for the GOOMNA race in Highland, IL.  I volunteered because I had some experience in all the disciplines.  I warned Robin that I might not be fast enough for them though.  She assured me that it was all good, and we would have a fun time.  At this point I barely knew Robin and had never met Chuck, we all really clicked together and later they asked me to be a team member.  Occasionally I feel bad because I don't race that often, but what I lack in Adventure Racing credibility I make up for with Adventure credibility.
You see a couple years ago I created the 100+Project dedicated to 100 or more mile adventures, during which I try to raise a little money for the St Louis chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.  If you want to read about how I came up with the idea for the project you can read about it here.  So far I have Skateboarded 107miles, Rode the 241mile length of the KATY trail on a recumbent bike and paddled my kayak in the MR340, a 340mile paddling race from KC to St Charles on the Missouri river.
Most recently, for National Adventure Day I rode from St Charles to Jeff City and Paddled back to Hermann, Mo.

I like Adventure more than I like racing, so Chuck and Robin will still do all the heavy lifting taking care of all the race reports, and I'll occasionally throw something out there about the latest Adventure we are embarking upon.  Some of the activities that I like to do include, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, land paddling, skateboarding, mountain biking, gravel riding, trail running, and the list goes on.


I hope you enjoyed the videos, and I look forward to sharing more Adventures with you in the future!

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