September 11, 2013

The Time has Come for National Adventure Day

I've written before about how all my best ideas come during a trail run.  Well, this story is no exception to that written in stone rule.

A couple of weeks ago I had discovered that the coming Saturday was going to be National Bacon Day. I googled it and read a news story about National Bacon Day.  It was the brainchild of three students, who just loved bacon.  They just up and decided to create a new holiday in honor of the fried pork strips we all love.  Apparently it took of like mad and went viral on social media.

A holiday for bacon!  Thats freaking awesome and has to be celebrated.  So I bought a pound of the best thick sliced smoked plastic package of pork goodness I could find.  Lori cooked an entire pound of the bacon for Saturday breakfast, smashed it between some toast and, it was sooo good.

So a few days later I found myself running the Lewis and Clark trail in Weldon Spring Wildlife Area.  The trail has some steep hills and some pretty rocky technical sections, so you can't really get too zoned out without coming to a face-first crashing halt.  Somewhere between reminiscing about the previous weekends adventure race, that bacon sandwich, and watching the trail.  An idea crept into my head.

If bacon can have its own holiday.....Adventuring should have it's own holiday too!  

I couldn't stop chasing the thread of that foggy thought for the rest of the run.  National Adventure Day!

I contacted some of my adventuring co-conspirators from Team Virtus , the 100+ ProjectTrail and Error, and SuperKate.  They really helped put the idea together and got this project going on the right track.

We decided that National Adventure Day should take place the weekend proceeding Columbus Day, which is always the second Monday of October.

We also talked about a good acronym for the day.  Maybe the Great Outdoor National Adventure Day (GONAD - or just NAD for short).  And since one day probably wouldn't be enough we decided to make it both weekend days, causing another acronym change (NADs).

So start planning your NADs now, its coming up October 12 and 13 this year!  And go LIKE the National Adventure Day page on Facebook!

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