March 17, 2011

Good Call

A funny thing happened when I went out to the car this morning to begin my drive into work.  The Adventure Van refused to take me.  Just like that, no ride to work.  We have had a cold and very rainy March.  So with a forecast of a sunny 76 degrees, I didn't argue.  Sometimes you just gotta go with these things. This would be a good day to paddle.  Adventure Van obviously agreed.

I parked at the hwy Y bridge on the Cuivre River, it is a few miles west of hwy 79.

Paddled upstream (and into the wind) first, thinking I'd have an easy return trip.

I found a cool little creek feeding the river on the south side.  I'll have to explore up there more this summer.  Bet it would be good fishing too.

A couple of months ago I got an email from Patrick telling me about a great on-line deal for a Stohlquist PFD (here is the link to where I bought it, but the 50% off sale is gone :( ).  I bought one after reading a few reviews.  This was the first time I got to try it out while paddling.  It fit great, the arms are wide open so no intereference or range of motion trouble.  It has a mesh back panel so it shouldn't get to hot this summer. The back flotation foam is fitted in high on the back so it doesn't interfere with the kayak seat backrest.

Even though it was over 70 degrees today, we had snow just three days ago, so the water was way too cold for a flotation test.  But the pfd has a US coast guard approval and a high bouyancy rating of 16lbs, 12oz. and two pockets just big enough to hold the Adventure Cam.  Also has some hi-vis reflective tape stripes, should help in recovering my body.

This was a great day to paddle.  Adventure Van was right again!


  1. Nice! I've been staring out the window longingly (I mean, working hard) all day. If the weather reports are right, Adventure Van was smart to take this window of nice weather before the rain comes again.

  2. If I hadn't taken Tuesday off I would have joined you today! I did take the Trek out for a "quick" spin though.