February 21, 2011


I have learned several important lessons during training for the upcoming Double-Chubb 50K.

1) You never know what you will find in the woods.  Last week was a pair of car doors.  This week was a headless statue.  As soon as I seen it, I HAD to get a picture with it.  Thanks Kate!

2)  Everyone writes better reports than I do.

3)  Blogjacking is legal and actually encouraged.

So please check out these great reports and pictures from some of my training partners:
Trek Mtn Girl


  1. Your report made me laugh. I even read it aloud to my son (who looked at me like I was a dork, but that's par for the course).

  2. I am way behind, and with no one to blogjack it looks like I am going to have to write something on my own.