February 4, 2010

Recovery Sock Notes

I had heard great things about Recovery socks, but I had never tried a pair. So this past weekend was a long workout weekend for me and I decided to try wearing a pair of Recovery socks. Now, I had heard differing opinions from people on how to use the socks for the best results. Some said wear them during the workout while others suggested I wear them after the workout. So I decided to wear them during the workout. I wore them during a 2 hour run and I was pleasantly surprised, when I realized just how good my legs felt during and after the run. What a big difference there was from running without them and running wearing them. My legs were less fatigued from wearing them. They were so great that I decided to wear them while riding my bike, so the next day I wore them on a two hour mountain bike ride, same outcome my legs felt great. I am a true believer now. I will wear the socks on any long workout.

Next up, I will try wearing them after the workout and see if I can feel benefit from just lounging in them after a long workout. I would also like to see what the benefit will be on short workouts or wearing them during races.

1 comment:

  1. I lounged around in mine after our run. Actually I wore them the rest of the day, and I could definitely feel the difference. My family always laughs at me because I can run for miles but I walk around the house like an old man afterward. The socks made a nticeable difference in my recovery. If I stop being lazy I will post a complete review on my blog at: http://patrick-trailanderror.blogspot.com/